IM Tennis is a relaxed and friendly group. There's just enough competitive feel to it that you can really get into the game, but it's more like a break to unwind from school and work.
- Maggie Gose '17

Sport: Tennis

Location: Bratton Tennis Center

Season: Early fall

Days and times: Weekend nights around 9-11 p.m.

Divisions available: Divisions I and II

Competition and atmosphere: Teams can be composed of four people, two women and two men, and games tend to last about 30 minutes. There is a men’s doubles match, and a women’s match, playing one set of six games. If there is a tie then a co-ed tie breaker is played. The atmosphere in Bratton is super exciting and fun because everyone is looking to have a great time while enjoying the beautiful facility.

Quotes from participants:
“IM Tennis was the highlight of my day! Playing IM tennis with my roommate brought our relationship to a whole new level since we got to experience a somewhat competitive environment together” - Riley Foreman ’15

Please Click Here for Complete Tennis Rules