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Intramural Soccer

Intramural Soccer Team Smiling "Whether you just want to kick a ball around or you and your friends are in it for the blue shirts, IM Soccer is always going to be a good time" -Woodrow Jack Jacobson

Sport: Soccer

Location: Whitman Athletic Fields

Competition and atmosphere: Intramural soccer is a great way to spend the weekend with friends in either a relaxed or more competitive environment. The two divisions allow for a wide range of skills and expertise levels. Both divisions have a kind of “pickup soccer” mentality, especially with the teams self-refereeing for most of the games. However for those hardcore soccer enthusiasts out there, division It provides a competitive and skilled arena in which to play against other experienced players. The requirement for three female players to be on the field at any time creates a flashback of those younger coed soccer days, no matter which division you choose to play in. The teams are only eight to a side, and the fields are smaller than normal at 80 x 40 yards.

Quotes from participants:
"IM soccer is just outrageous fun." - Genta Ohgushi ’15
"Remembering you have an IM soccer game on Saturday morning brightens my day!" - Henry Lanman ’16

Please Click Here for Soccer Rules

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