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Intramural Dodgeball

"I never considered myself to be an athletic person. My past experiences with 'sports' have consistently ended in tears and humiliation. IM Dodgeball was different."
- Ben Ames '16

Sport: Dodgeball

Location: Racquetball Courts

Competition and atmosphere:
Fun, fast-paced atmosphere where you are always Dodging, Ducking, Dipping, Diving, and Dodging! This year there were five Division I teams and 10 Division II teams. Games are self-refereed and it’s a laid back atmosphere, especially for division II. It provides a great study break and a fun, different way to hang out with friends and meet new people on campus!

Quotes from participants:
“Dodgeball is a really fun sport because it’s competitive yet still has a funny team aspect” -Erin Minuth ’15

Please click here for complete dodgeball rules

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