1. Respect and positive sportsmanship are expected by all spectators, referees, and participants. Any actions deemed unsportsmanlike or violent by Committee members will be brought to discussion by the whole committee and appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken and implemented.
  2. There will be one IM Committee member or referee present or on call at all sporting events, and they will act as impartial third parties to figure out any dispute, or to act preemptively to avoid an incident.
  3. Each IM participant will be responsible for sportsmanlike behavior at all times on the field, a violation of this will result in a verbal warning from third parties or see above.
  4. Payment will be done exclusively through the imleagues website, and inability to pay will result in inability to play any IM games for that team.
  5. IM Sports does not allow its participants to be visibly intoxicated while participating in a sport. Any violations of this rule will result in a player being ejected from the game, and any repeat violators will be dealt with on a case by case basis with the IM Committee. 
  6. At least one member of each team should have a cell phone on site in case of emergency.