Club Sports Handbook

The Club Sports Handbook includes detailed information about policies, procedures, and resources available to Whitman Club Sports teams. Each team captain should review the handbook carefully at the start of each year to ensure your team in operating in accordance with Whitman policy. You can view the handbook here.

Team Management

We use to manage the collection of team rosters, player contracts, and waivers. If you are a team captain, you will be listed as a captain on your team's imleagues page before the start of the year, and it is your responsibility to have all players register on the site and sign up for your team in order to complete required forms. Team members must complete this sign-up process prior to participating in any practice or competition. If you have imleagues questions, contact Leann Adams ( for assistance.

Additionally, at the beginning of each year (or season), teams MUST a full schedule of practice season, events, competitions, and fundraisers to the Club Sports administration

Reserving Practice Space

In order to reserve field or facility space for practice, please contact the following individuals. (Please keep in mind that priority is given to in-season teams.)

Sherwood Sarah Bell 509-527-5921
Whitman Fields Sarah Bell 509-527-5921
Harvey Pool Jenn Blomme 509-527-5287

If you would like to view a calendar of current field reservations, click here.

If your team uses outdoor fields for practice or competition, please review our Field Use Recommendations.

Team Travel

Teams that travel for games or tournaments are required to submit a trip roster via imleagues and a trip itinerary via Google sheets. This submission must be done no later than the one week prior to the team's departure from campus. Team captains can find instructions for submitting travel information here

A "how-to" document for teams preparing to travel can be found here. It covers the process for completing defensiving driving training and for renting vehicles.

Reimbursement Policy, Procedures, and Forms

When you need to be reimbursed for Club Sport related expenditures, please keep in mind the following information in order to ensure a speedy reimbursement process:

  • Reimbursement forms are available online here (or here for a fillable word document version), or through Michele Hanford or Victoria Johnson (in Sherwood).
  • Forms must be filled out in their entirety and signed by the team's budget manager before being turned into Michele Hanford (BFFC 207).
  • When requesting reimbursements for travel related expenses, please turn in ONLY ONE form per person, per trip.
  • Reimbursement requests must be submitted within one week following the purchase.