Whitman currently supports the following Club Sports teams (Teams with web pages are linked for further information)

Alpine Skiing (men and women)
Captains: Shelby CutterNiki Lonberg, Marty Agrimis, Hailey Kirlin

Climbing (men and women)
Captains: NoahLani Litwinsella, Brooke Terkovich, Zach Collins, Walker Orr, Madi Crowley, Brooke Horney - Fall only, Mary Kampa - Spring only, Raquel Peterson - Spring only

Cycling (men and women)
Co-Presidents: Noah Edelson, Maddie Ortenblad, Adam Bruns, Alex Ihle

Nordic Skiing (men and women)
Captains: Luke Adams, Amanda Mercer

Rugby (men)
Captains: Devin Reese, Ethan Phillips

Rugby (women) 
Captains: Issy Kelsey, Mariah Ng

Tennis (men and women)
Captains: Micah Rambo, Emma Saas, James Bogley

Ultimate Frisbee® (men)
Captains: Alex Walsh, Christoph Suhr, Max Sheffield

Ultimate Frisbee® (women)
D1 Captains: Mackenzie Timbel, Mia Letterie, Alissa Soo, Linnea Soo
D3 Captains: Kiana Henny, Ellie Reed

Volleyball (men)
Captain: Justin Chin, Julian Reed. Brad Kline

Volleyball (women)
Captains: Kayla Chang, Zan McPherson

The following teams are currently inactive: Men's Lacrosse, Snowboarding, Tae Kwon Do, Track & Field, Triathlon, Water Polo