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June 30, 2022 edition

Complete Faculty Handbook (pdf)

Mission of the College
Non-Discrimination Policy
Harassment and Civility
Statement on Consensual Relationships
Statement of Diversity
Americans with Disabilities Act
Inclusion of Trans* Persons Policy
Religious Accommodations

Chapter I. Introduction

Chapter II. Positions and Initial Appointments
A. Tenure-Track Positions
B. Job-Sharing Appointments
C. Non-Tenure-Track Appointments
D. Non-Tenure-Track Appointments in SSRA
E. Visiting Endowed Professorships
F. Research Associates/Scientists and Senior Research Associates/Scientists
G. Emeritus Faculty
H. Nepotism 

Chapter III. Compensation
A. Salaries and Annual Reviews
B. Garrett Fellows
C. Employee Fringe Benefits
D. Maternity and Family Leave
E. Short-Term Disability Leave
F. Liability

Chapter IV. Personnel Guidelines and Procedures
A. The Faculty Personnel Committee
B. Tenure-Track Positions
C. Criteria for Evaluation
D. Collection of Information
E. Review Procedures for Tenure, Promotion and Contract Renewal Cases
F. Periodic Review of Tenured Faculty
G. Evaluation and Promotion of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty
H. Evaluation and Promotion of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty in SSRA

Chapter V. Teaching Load and Advising
A. Teaching Loads
B. Credit Hour Policy
C. Academic Advising 
D. Textbook Policy

Chapter VI. Professional Development
A. Sabbatical Leave
B. Leaves of Absence
C. Expectations for Presence on Campus
D. Funds for Scholarship and Instructional Development
E. Grants from External Sources
F. Student/Faculty Research Awards and Other Funds
G. Mentoring

Chapter VII. Faculty Organization and Governance
A. Governance
B. Departments
C. Standing Committees of the Faculty
D. Non-Code Committees

Chapter VIII. Resignation, Retirement and Salary Continuation Plan
A. Resignation
B. Retirement
C. Salary Continuation Plan
D. Phased Retirement
E. Policy for Computers of Faculty Resigning, Retiring or Entering SCP 

Chapter IX. Policies on Faculty and/or Student Research
A. Animal Care and Use
B. Institutional Review Board
C. Institutional Biosafety Committee
D. Responsible Conduct of Research Training Policy 
E. NSF and NIH Sexual Harassment Policies

Chapter X. Spending Guidelines for Faculty Using Whitman College Funds
A. Allowable Expenses
B. College Credit Cards (JPMC)
C. Personal Reimbursement
D. Family or Companion Expenses
E. Internet Connectivity Fees
F. Cell Phones
G. Home Office
H. Ownership of Equipment and Materials
I. Departmental Meals and Entertainment
J. Visiting Educators
K. Departmental Endowment Use

Chapter XI. Procedure for Recording & Tracking Informal Verbal Student Complaints

Chapter XII. Whitman College Grievance Policy

Appendix A. Athletic Director Evaluation of SSRA Personnel