Supported by staff and fulfilled through students, the mission of Whitman College is carried out by our distinguished faculty. They are teachers and scholars, dedicated to the college, their disciplines and their students.

Each year Whitman recognizes outstanding contributions by individual faculty members, presenting them with awards for demonstrated excellence in teaching, advising, scholarship, mentoring.  The awards are named for legendary faculty emeriti, some living, some deceased, whose impact on generations of students created a legacy that helps define Whitman’s use of the term “demonstrated excellence.”

Selection will be made by the Provost and Dean of the Faculty in consultation with the Committee of Division Chairs.

No faculty member may receive more than one award in any five-year period. 

Faculty awards

Awards will be announced at the end of the year faculty reception. The five most recent recipients in each category were:

Robert Y. Fluno Award for Distinguished Teaching in Social Sciences

2019-20 Thomas R. Armstrong
2018-19  Sarah H. Davies
2017-18  Erin Elizabeth Pahlke
2016-17  Susanne N. Beechey
2015-16  Gilbert Felipe Mireles, Jr.
2014-15  Jan P. Crouter
2013-14  Samantha Brooke Vick
2012-13  Matthew William Prull

Thomas D. Howells Award for Distinguished Teaching in Humanities and Arts

2019-20  Lauren E. Osborne
2018-19  Emily E. Jones
2017-18  Nathan A. Tomsheck
2016-17  Nicole S. Pietrantoni
2015-16  Dennis Crockett
2014-15  Walter E. Wyman, Jr.
2013-14  Susan Babilon
2012-13  Nicole Simek

A.E. Lange Award for Distinguished Science Teaching

2019-20  Britney L. Moss
2018-19  Nathan E. Boland
2017-18  Douglas R. Hundley
2016-17  Nicholas E.  Bader
2015-16  Thomas A. Knight
2014-15  Marcus A. Juhasz
2013-14  Frank M. Dunnivant
2012-13  Albert W. Schueller

George Ball Award for Excellence in Advising

2019-20 Andrea K. Dobson
2018-19  Jacqueline Woodfork
2017-18  Heather A. Hayes
2016-17  Suzanne Elizabeth Morrissey
2015-16  Guarav Majumdar
2014-15  Halefom Belay
2013-14  Frederick G. Moore
2012-13  Bruce A. Magnusson

G. Thomas Edwards Award for Excellence in Teaching and Scholarship

2019-20  Alissa A. Cordner
2018-19  Patrick R. Frierson
2017-18  Kirsten P. Nicolaysen
2016-17  Julia Anne Ireland
2015-16  Vivian Elyse Semerdjian
2014-15  Walter T. Herbranson
2013-14  Jeanne Marie Morefield
2012-13  Elizabeth Vandiver

The Suzanne L. Martin Award for Excellence in Mentoring (administered by the Dean of Students office)

2019-20  Daniel D. Schindler
2018-19  Jennifer Lopez
2017-18  Dalia Rokhsana Biswas
2016-17  Yukiko Shigeto
2015-16  Melisa S.L. Casumbal-Salazar
2014-15  Keith Farrington
2013-14  Susanne N. Beechey
2012-13  Clare Carson