Susan Bennett

Susan Bennett
Associate to the Provost and Dean of the Faculty

  • Academic Budget Management, PDOF Surplus and Start-up Accounts
  • Appointment Calendar for Provost and Dean of the Faculty
  • Correspondence for the Provost and Associate Deans
  • Endowed Chairs, Professorships and Garrett Fellows
  • Faculty Appointment Letters, Salary Letters and Payroll
  • Faculty Personnel Committee Reviews
  • Immigration/Visas
  • Sabbatical Leaves
  • Salary Continuation Plan (SCP), Phased Retirement and Emeritus Faculty
  • Trustee Report and Whitman Experience Committee Minutes

Laurie Doohan 
Senior Academic Assistant

  • Assessment, Accreditation and External Reviews
  • Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) including New Faculty Orientation and moving expenses reimbursement
  • Collect Annual Faculty Activity Reports, Course Evaluations, Materials for all Periodic Reviews and SSRA Reviews for Promotion (including notifications)
  • Commencement, Student Commencement Awards and Convocation
  • Committees, Department Chairs and Faculty Elections
  • Events hosted by the Provost and Dean of the Faculty
  • Faculty Awards
  • Faculty and Director-Level Academic Staff Recruiting
  • Faculty Code and Handbook
  • Website Maintenance, Participant Updates for Listserves, Cleo and Canvas


Qi Jia
Senior Academic Assistant