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Faculty Code

We are offering the Whitman College Faculty Code as a set of printable PDF documents. If your computer cannot display PDF documents, you may download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The 2023 Edition

Chapter I The Faculty

Article I     Composition of the Faculty
Article II    Hiring for Tenure Track Positions
Article III   Appointment and Removal of Faculty Members
Article IV   Personnel Guidelines
Article V    Teaching Loads and Advising
Article VI   Opportunities for Professional Development
Article VII  Powers of the Faculty
Article VIII The Organization of the Faculty
Article IX   Standing and Ad-hoc Committees of the Faculty

Chapter II  Faculty Legislation
Article I     Harassment 
Article II    Statement on Consensual Relationships 
Article III   Environmental Principles for Whitman College 
Article IV   Firearms, Explosives, and Other Dangerous Weapons Policy 
Article V    Information Technology Policy 
Article VI   Procedures for Whitman Faculty/Staff-Led Trips Abroad 
Article VII  Smoking

Chapter III The Curriculum and Courses of Study
Preamble: The Purposes of the College

Chapter IV The Admission of Students

Chapter V Academic Regulations and Procedures
Article I     Election of Studies and Registration
Article II    Classification of Students
Article III   Examinations
Article IV   Grading and Grade Reports
Article V    Scholarship Standards
Article VI   Requirements for Graduation
Article VII  Academic Honors
Article VIII Degrees
Article IX   Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism
Article X    Class Meetings and Absence from Classes
Article XI   Intercollegiate Athletics

Chapter VI Student Activities and Conduct
Article I     Procedures for the Governance of Student Conduct
Article II    Student Life Committee
Article III   The Council on Student Affairs
Article IV   Student Organizations
Article V    Student Conduct
Article VI   Recording and Reporting Student Conduct

Note: Dates in the text indicate the date of passage of faculty legislation.

Provost and Dean of the Faculty
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