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May 31, 2015 edition

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Chapter I The Faculty
Article I. Composition of the Faculty
Article II. Search Procedures
Article III. Appointment and Removal of Faculty Members
Article IV. Personnel Guidelines
Article V. Teaching Loads and Advising
Article VI. Opportunities for Professional Development
Article VII. Powers of the Faculty
Article VIII. The Organization of the Faculty
Article IX. Standing and Ad-hoc Committees of the Faculty

Chapter II Faculty Legislation
Article I. Harassment Policy 
Article II. Statement on Consensual Relationships 
Article III. Environmental Principles for Whitman College 
Article IV. Firearms, Explosives, and Other Dangerous Weapons Policy 
Article V. Information Technology Policy 
Article VI. Procedures for Whitman Faculty/Staff-Led Trips Abroad 
Article VII. Smoking Policy

Chapter III Preamble: The Purposes of the College
The Curriculum and Courses of Study

Chapter IV The Admission of Students

Chapter V Academic Regulations and Procedures
Article I. Election of Studies and Registration
Article II. Classification of Students
Article III. Examinations
Article IV. Grading and Grade Reports
Article V. Scholarship Standards
Article VI. Requirements for Graduation
Article VII. Academic Honors
Article VIII. Degrees
Article IX. Academic Dishonesty
Article X. Class Meetings and Absence from Classes
Article XI. Intercollegiate Athletics

Chapter VI Student Activities and Conduct
Article I. Procedures for the Governance of Student Conduct
Article II. Student Life Committee
Article III. The Council on Student Affairs
Article IV. Student Organizations
Article V. Student Conduct
Article VI. Recording and Reporting Student Conduct

Note: Dates in the text indicate the date of passage of faculty legislation.