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2008-2009 Schedule

Talks About Teaching (TAT) and Workshops

Talks About Teaching will be held at noon on Mondays during the fall semester. Five presentations are scheduled for the fall semester on the following dates:



Title and Presenter

 Sep. 15


 Assessment of CTL at Whitman College

Kurt Hoffman, Melissa Clearfield, Jim Russo, Jean Carwile Masteller

  Oct. 6


 Teaching Methodology and Assessment in College

Leslie Doan

 Oct. 27


Community Based Learning   

Rogers Miles, Don Snow, Nick Bader

  Nov. 17


 Penrose Library - future plans

Dalia Corkrum - Director

 Dec. 8


 Faculty-Student Research: When is "research" teaching?

Julie Charlip, Delbert Hutchinson, Susan Pickett

 Dec. 17


 "I have an  interview, now what?" organized by visiting faculty group

Mary-Anne Oneill, Heidi Dobson, and John Cotts

Jan. 27


"Moving your Class off campus"

Jason Pribilsky, Suzanne Morrissey, Bob Carson, Kari Norgaard

Feb. 18


"Workload Planning and Stress Management for Faculty"

Clare Carson and Rich Jacks

Mar. 6


Grant Writing

Rachna Sinnott, Director of Foundations and Corporate Relations

Mar. 10


The Impact of Social Netsworks on Student Learning"


Mar. 31


 "Working toward Tenure and Promotion"


Apr. 15



 May 5


 "Ebooks: electronic resources for the classroom"


New Faculty Lunch Series

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