Professional Development Allowance (PDA):

The following PDA amounts will be in place for the FY 2021-2022:
*Tenured and tenure-track faculty not supported by start-up funds or income from an endowed chair will receive $2000.
*PDA for faculty who hold endowed professorships or endowed chairs will return to their normal funding levels.  
*Non-tenure track Faculty with Senior status and Lecturers will receive $1500.
*Tenure-track faculty who are currently in their first three years will be allowed to maintain their PDA per the terms of one's appointment letter.

Allowable PDA Expenses

  • Fiscal year 2021-2022: Faculty who are fully vaccinated may utilize their PDA toward travel, lodging and food. The maximum allowed is an average $75/day for meals for a maximum of 5 days. The maximum number of days also applies to lodging expenses. 
  • Journal subscriptions and memberships in professional societies.  
  • Registration for professional conferences that are virtual or online.
  • Materials related to research such as software, supplies, books, expendable supplies and minor equipment.  
  • Itemized receipts are required for all PDA expenses.
  • Limited wages for student assistance in support of a research project. Contact Qi Jia before using your PDA for this purpose.

Disallowable expenses

  • Individual commercial memberships such as Amazon Prime or personal cell phone or local internet services.
  • Items or activities otherwise supported by departmental or program budgets such as computer equipment, office furniture purchases, or teaching materials directly associated with a scheduled class or a class that is being developed.  
  • Pre-payment of professional development expenses that will later be reimbursed by an outside agency or organization.

Additional support is available to all faculty for expenses related to editing, indexing, preparation of figures, and other costs associated with the preparation and publication of scholarly materials. Please contact the Associate Dean for Faculty Development,  Helen Kim.

Note that any equipment or other durable resources (e.g., laptops, iPad, lab/studio tools, books) purchased with College funds, including PDA funds, will become property of the College.  Please consult with WCTS on electronic devices and software before the purchase is made.

Aid to Faculty Scholarship and Instructional Development (ASID)

ASID funds are no longer available to faculty who expect to exceed their allotted PDA.

Please contact Helen Kim, in the Provost and Dean of the Faculty office with questions.