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Discipline Specific Guidelines

     In May, 2010, the Whitman College faculty approved a motion that required academic departments and invited interdisciplinary programs to “develop and submit to the Committee of Division Chairs scholarship guidelines that are appropriate to specific areas of academic inquiry.” The rationale for this motion indicated that these guidelines are intended to serve three purposes, as follows:

  • They may be of assistance to candidates for contract renewal, tenure, and promotion by helping them appreciate what is involved in fulfilling the criteria in the Faculty Handbook under the heading of “Excellence in Professional Activity.”
  • They may be of assistance to those writing letters on behalf of candidates, especially with respect to assessments of professional activity.
  • They may offer guidance to the Personnel Committee as it reviews materials submitted by candidates for contract renewal, tenure, and promotion.

Anthropology Scholarship Guidelines

Art (Studio) Scholarship Guidelines

Art History and Visual Cultures Studies Scholarship Guidelines

Astronomy Scholarship Guidelines

Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology (BBMB)

Biology Scholarship Guidelines

Chemistry Scholarship Guidelines

Chinese Scholarship Guidelines

Classics Scholarship Guidelines

Computer Science Scholarship Guidelines

Economics Scholarship Guidelines

English Scholarship Guidelines

Film and Media Studies Scholarship Guidelines

Foreign Languages and Literature Scholarship Guidelines

General Studies: Writing and Composition Guidelines

Geology Scholarship Guidelines

History Scholarship Guidelines

Japanese Scholarship Guidelines

Mathematics & Statistics Scholarship Guidelines

Music Scholarship Guidelines

Philosophy Scholarship Guidelines

Physics Scholarship Guidelines

Politics Scholarship Guidelines

Psychology Scholarship Guidelines

Religion Scholarship Guidelines

Rhetoric Studies Scholarship Guidelines

Sociology Scholarship Guidelines

Spanish Scholarship Guidelines

Theatre and Dance Scholarship Guidelines

Provost and Dean of the Faculty
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