Through the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), students can study at CIEE's study center on the park-like East-China Normal University campus in Shanghai, China.  The CIEE: Shanghai China in a Global Context program is designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of China as it emerges to take a more influential role in world affairs.  Students on this program study Mandarin Chinese at their level and take English-taught electives in Chinese Studies in a variety of fields. The program offers weeklong travel options in Taiwan, Hong Kong and to historic sites in Western China as well as an optional community engagement field trip to rural China.

“It was the biggest growing experience that I’ve had thus far in my time on this planet...Shanghai is just a beautiful blend. It’s modern, traditional, local, international, advanced, backwards, clear, and confusing. I had a great experience during my time there, and will definitely go back.” - Christa L. '15

Fields of study:

Mandarin Chinese language and Chinese language for Heritage Learners, Chinese Studies, Politics, International Relations, Economics, History, Film, Sociology, Classical Chinese Language


Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 (Whitman requirement); one college-level Chinese area studies course is recommended by CIEE.

Language Prerequisite:

Mandarin Chinese language recommended but not required


15 credits per semester - Required Courses:
Chinese Language (6 credits)
Three elective courses in Chinese or English (3 credits each)

Credit Conversion:

1 CIEE credit = 1 Whitman credit


Internship sponsors vary each term, but may include local Chinese companies, multi-national companies, and non-profit organizations. (Prerequisite: 3 semesters of college-level economics.)


Students live with a Chinese host family or on campus in a residence hall with a Chinese or program roommate.


Host Family: Most meals, except lunches and some weekend meals are taken with the host family.
Campus Residence Hall: Students purchase meals in the campus cafeteria or at local eateries.

Semesters Offered:

Fall, Spring, Academic Year


September–December, March–June


CIEE General Scholarship and Grant Information

Program Link:

CIEE: Shanghai China in a Global Context