Who pays the program bill?

  • Each Off-Campus Studies Partner Program sends student invoices to Whitman for payment. Once received, Whitman Off-Campus Studies pays the OCS program directly for mandatory program fees. Whitman then bills the student for Whitman tuition plus the program's actual room, board and other required program fees.

When will students receive their bill from Whitman for their semester(s) off campus?

  • Students studying off campus in the fall semester will usually receive their bill in August. Students studying off campus in the spring semester will usually receive their bill in January.

What should students/parents do if they receive an invoice directly from the program?

  • Students should inform Laura Cummings in Whitman Off-Campus Studies at cumminLL@whitman.edu immediately and prior to paying the bill, if they received a bill directly from their program. Standard charges are billed through Whitman for OCS tuition, room and board. But charges for optional items, such as optional excursions, are paid directly to the program by the student.

How do students get credited for their Whitman aid?

  • If a student receives financial aid or a merit scholarship through Whitman College, it will automatically be credited to their student account and reduce the amount of the total bill.

How is the Whitman payment plan handled during off-campus studies?

  • If a student’s family currently uses the monthly payment plan offered by Whitman, the student may ask the Student Accounts Office to adjust the amount of the payments to reflect the cost of the off-campus study program attended. Payments are not adjusted automatically. To adjust payments, students should contact the Student Accounts Office by calling (509) 527-5143 or emailing stuacct@whitman.edu.

What happens if a student has an unpaid balance on their Whitman student account?

  • The College reserves the right to withdraw approval for off-campus study if a student has a significant outstanding balance on their student account. Student accounts must be current prior to studying off campus. Students with questions regarding their account balance should email stuacct@whitman.edu.