This tool shows how some OCS courses have transferred back to Whitman in the past. It is a work in progress, intended to help students and faculty with OCS planning and potential course approval. 
  • Major advisers at Whitman must still pre-approve all major credit for individual students. This database may act as a guide, but it does not replace the adviser's approval on the student's OCS Course Approval Page.
  • The absence of a course or course approval from this database does not mean that a course can not transfer back to Whitman. Check with OCS advisers and/or major advisers for more guidance.
  • There are limits on the amount of major credit that can be transferred from off-campus toward the Whitman degree. Check the Whitman Catalog and OCS's tool Advising by Major for more information. Whitman students can receive credit toward their minors from OCS courses; however, minor credit is not reflected here nor is it pre-approved by Whitman OCS or academic advisers.
  • If you have any questions about OCS transfer credit, please email your OCS adviser or