The OCS staff has created a list of work abroad organizations that place recent college graduates in paid positions abroad. Regardless of whether you are considering working abroad through an organization on this list or one that you find on your own through the internet, we urge you to be proactive in making sure the organization offers job placement and support services that suits your interests and needs, and that it is a legitimate operation.  Off-Campus Studies provides the following list of organizations as a starting point for students seeking work abroad experiences.  However, because student needs vary when seeking employment abroad and organizations/conditions abroad are constantly evolving, the inclusion of a particular organization on this list does not constitute an endorsement of the work opportunity or the organization by Whitman College.

To gauge the quality a work abroad organization, we suggest you start with the following:

  • Contact the program directly and ask them detailed questions about what they offer

  • Ask the program to supply names and contact information of past participants who you can contact and question about their experience on the program

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau to ascertain if there have been problems with the organization

  • Scrutinize all employment contracts carefully before signing and asking your employer if you have questions or concerns

  • Be sure you understand what support services they provide, such as airport pick up, housing, medical insurance, etc.

  • Inquire with them about whether or not you would need a work visa and if they help you facilitate the processing of that visa

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