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Whitman Financial Aid

Can students use their Whitman need-based aid or merit scholarships for OCS fees?

  • For students with Whitman need-based aid and/or merit scholarships, the student’s Whitman financial support will be automatically applied to the fees of the student’s program if they are attending a semester or year-long partner program.  Students just need to make sure that they submit a current FAFSA and CSS Profile by the Office of Financial Aid Services’ deadline.

How will aid be calculated for Off-Campus Studies semesters? 

  • Whitman's Office of Financial Aid Services will automatically calculate the aid awards for students who have need-based aid based on the “total basic cost” to attend the Partner Program. The total basic cost includes Whitman OCS tuition, program room and board, and an estimate for out-of-pocket expenses including airfare, local transportation, books and supplies, and personal expenses.

What happens if the cost to attend the program is more expensive than Whitman? 

  • If the total basic cost of the program is higher than the budget when students are in residence on the Whitman campus, then Whitman's Office of Financial Aid Services will recalculate the student's financial aid award according to the higher cost of the program. 

What happens if the cost to attend the program is less expensive than Whitman? 

  • Similarly, if the total basic cost of the program (including airfare and personal expenses) is less than the on-campus budget, a student’s aid award may be reduced accordingly.

Can students apply for Whitman aid just for the OCS semester if it is more expensive than Whitman? 

  • Yes, students who are not currently receiving need-based aid but believe they may qualify for aid because of the higher cost of the OCS program may apply to Whitman's Office of Financial Aid Services for consideration of financial aid for their OCS semester/year.  Students must submit a current FAFSA and CSS Profile, and parent tax returns to apply for consideration. The deadline to apply is April 15 for fall semester and full-year OCS participants and October 1 for spring semester applicants.

How is work-study handled during off-campus studies? 

  • Work study students should note that work study is not available outside the U.S. and students may need to borrow more funds in loans to cover the work study portion of their aid award.

What happens to a student’s aid money if it exceeds the program’s invoiced tuition, room and board? 

  • Due to federal regulations, students receiving need-based financial aid from Whitman in excess of Whitman's tuition plus other invoiced program fees will not be able to receive their remaining financial aid funds as a credit to their student account until the first day of the semester at Whitman.  Students should therefore be prepared to cover airfare and a program confirmation deposit with their own resources, since those usually need to be paid before the semester begins at Whitman.  Any credit in a student account will remain there unless the student informs the Business Office where they want it to be mailed.  Students in need of a short-term loan to cover their airfare should check with Student Accounts about the possibility of borrowing money with a promissory note.

How will a student’s aid checks get signed while they are away? 

  • Students expecting any kind of financial aid checks (scholarships or loans from outside sources) should give one a trusted individual (such as a parent) Power of Attorney. With the power of attorney, a parent can endorse any check, rather than sending it to the student to sign. This will save a lot of time, with less chance that the check will be delayed or lost in transit.
Office Information
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    345 Boyer Ave.
    Walla Walla, WA 99362
  • Email or Call to Schedule a Virtual Advising Appt.
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