Off-Campus Studies (OCS) Transcripts

Where should a student’s OCS transcript be sent?

  • All students participating in an OCS program should make sure that their program knows to send their OCS program transcript directly to Whitman College when their semester away is completed.  It should be sent either electronically to or mailed to Off-Campus Studies, Whitman College, 345 Boyer Avenue, Walla Walla, WA 99362, U.S.A.
  • Without an official transcript, Whitman will not be able to award transfer credit.

What makes a transcript “official”?

  • To be considered official, all transcripts must be received by Whitman Off-Campus Studies (or the Whitman Registrar) either directly from the program electronically, by mail, or hand-delivered in an unopened university/program envelope. 
  • Copies, non-official transcripts, opened transcripts, and “Issued to Student” transcripts are considered unofficial documents, and cannot be accepted under any circumstances.

Why might a program transcript be delayed? 

  • Delay for Whitman to receive an OCS program transcript is usually for one of two reasons.
    1. The program is waiting for grades to be submitted by the foreign faculty or foreign university. 
    2. The student owes money to the program for an outstanding bill or fine (library, lost key, and room damage). Programs will not release student transcripts until payment for all outstanding bills has been received.

How long does it take for Whitman to post OCS credits on the Whitman record once a transcript has been received? 

  • Once Whitman receives a transcript from your Off-Campus Studies program, processing typically takes 2 to 4 weeks depending on the workload of the Registrar’s office.