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Advising sheets for each major are linked below.

What OCS programs are recommended by my Major Department?

  • Off-Campus Studies (OCS) and the Major Departments at Whitman College have worked together to produce an OCS Advising by Major webpage for each major. The purpose of these pages is to provide students information that will help them decide when and where to study off-campus and how this might fit into their major program at Whitman.  The OCS Advising by Major links list recommended programs, provide guidelines on course loads, and describe the major department’s philosophies towards off-campus studies, including how the department views OCS experiences as potentially integrating into the major.

Can I get major credit for courses taken off-campus?

  • Most major departments at Whitman are willing to approve transfer credit toward the major quite readily if the course is suitable. Whether or not you may apply off-campus study credit toward your major requirements is up to your major adviser or your major department. Whitman students must take at least two-thirds of the courses in their major on the Whitman campus. Most departments at Whitman allow a maximum total of 8-12 transfer credits (including both foreign and domestic transfer credit) to be applied toward the major.

Do I have to study on a program that is related to my major?

  • It is not always necessary to study off-campus on a program that is related to your major. It will depend on the progress you have made in your major and on your academic goals for off-campus studies. Many students find it interesting to take courses off-campus in their major field, as it gives them insight into how that field is approached in other parts of the world.