Paris and Whitties

The health and safety of our students is a high priority for us at Whitman College. We recommend that students who intend to participate in off-campus studies consider the suitability of the destinations they are considering in terms of health and consult with the Off-Campus Studies staff early about any special needs or concerns they may have.

Please be aware that in many countries the conditions are very different from the United States. The availability of medical care, mental health counseling and resources for disabilities, for example, may be more limited elsewhere. The physical conditions at off-campus program locations (traffic, environmental quality, climate, etc.) may also be strikingly different from Walla Walla. Similarly, attitudes about race, sexual orientation, religion and diet may or may not align with mainstream values in the United States. Therefore, we highly encourage students to consult with the Off-Campus Studies staff or their program provider about their specific needs and concerns they may have in these areas.