Mission of Whitman Crossroads Courses:

Provide high impact learning experiences via short, intensive off-campus courses that are led by Whitman faculty and are broadly accessible to students.

All Crossroads courses should be designed to fulfill the following key outcome:

  1. Provide opportunities for students to engage directly with scientific phenomena, ways of learning,  communities, actors, organizations or other local resources not available on campus.

Preference will be given to Crossroads courses that are designed to also fulfill one or more of the the following key outcomes:

  1. Enhance students’ knowledge about a global issue(s) from a non-US or underrepresented perspective by weaving diversity, inclusivity, social justice and global perspectives into the course content and activities.
  2. Develop the ability to interact sensitively and successfully with people from different cultures, perspectives and circumstances.  In doing so, the course will encourage students to embrace ambiguity and think deliberately about their place in the world.
  3. Provide students with an opportunity to enhance foreign language abilities.  

Crossroads 2018

Crossroads 2017