Whitman Off-Campus Study (OCS) Applications are reviewed by Whitman’s Off-Campus Studies Committee (OCSC). The OCSC is a faculty committee with representation from all three academic divisions, the Registrar, the Provost's Office, and the OCS Office.  Students must obtain approval from Whitman College prior to their off-campus study if they wish to apply the credit toward their Whitman degree.  The complete list of requirements can be found on the first page of the Whitman OCS Application.  Please note that Whitman approval for off-campus study is not guaranteed and will be based on the criteria listed below.

  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 at the time of application*
  • Minimum major GPA of 2.8 at the time of application
  • Completion of at least 4 semesters of college prior to beginning studies off campus
  • Demonstration of how off-campus studies plans will be integral to the students' major or minor at Whitman or career goals
  • Show how the student will be able to complete their Whitman degree on time if they study abroad, including all major requirements, distribution requirements, and the 124 credits necessary to graduate

*Some OCS Programs require that students have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 to gain admission. Some are quite competitive and may require a GPA higher than 3.0. (See program summaries under Programs for specific GPA requirements.)

Additional Requirements

  • Dean of Students Clearance.  Approval for off-campus study includes review of a student's disciplinary record at Whitman by the Dean of Student's Office.  Students who have a disciplinary record may, in some instances, not be granted approval for off-campus study.
  • Business Office Clearance.  Whitman expects that a student participating on an off-campus study program will be current with their student account. The college reserves the right to withdraw approval for off-campus study if a student has a significant outstanding balance on their account.
  • Current Semester's Grades.  Whitman expects that a student participating on an off-campus study program will remain in good academic standing prior to studying off campus. The college reserves the right to withdraw approval for off-campus study if a student drops below a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 2.8 and/or have outstanding Incomplete courses on their academic record.
  • Senior Year Applicants. Students applying for OCS during their senior year must write a brief essay explaining why they are studying off-campus in their last year, why they believe it is an appropriate time to study away, and how they plan to complete exam/thesis requirements in their major.  Students must also attach a signed statement from their major adviser indicating their approval for plans to study off campus during their senior year and indicating whether or not they believe that the student can complete the exam/thesis requirements in their major.
  • Two Program Applicants.  Students applying to attend two different programs (one fall and one spring) must be aware that permission to study in two different off-campus locations during one academic year will be granted by the OCS Committee only in exceptional cases as justified by extremely compelling academic goals.  Students must explain their reasons for applying to two programs in an essay.

To apply to a Whitman Off-Campus Studies (OCS) Semester Program students must complete a Whitman Off-Campus Study (OCS) Application and a Program-Specific Application for each program to which they are applying. If a student is applying for the academic year, they should only complete one Whitman Off-Campus Study (OCS) Application, even if they are applying to different programs for the fall and spring semesters. Students are not permitted to transfer semester credit back to Whitman from programs other than those on the Whitman College Off-Campus Studies Partner Program list. Whitman College reserves the right to withdraw programs from the list for security or other reasons.

If a student intends to study abroad during the summer, they must complete the Whitman Summer Study Abroad Transfer Credit Application, plus the application for the specific program to which they are applying. Students must receive approval for summer foreign study from Whitman before studying abroad if they wish to apply the credit they earn toward their Whitman degree. Credit will not be granted retroactively if a student does not apply for study abroad in advance.