Maintaining Exchange Visitor Status

J-1 Exchange Visitors are responsible for understanding the terms of their lawful immigration status and maintaining compliance with those terms. A violation of U.S. federal regulations could jeopardize your immigration status and your continued stay in the U.S. Please read the following information carefully and contact the International Student and Scholar advisor if you have questions.
The following documentation must be current and valid:
• Passport
• DS-2019
• Form I-94
       Class of Admission: J-1
       Admit Until Date: D/S

  • Report to Intercultural Center Assistant Director Jennifer Lopez within 30 days of your Program Start Date ( see "3. Form Covers Period" on the DS-2019).
  • Travel & Duration of Status
  •  J-1 Exchange Visitors may enter the U.S. no more than 30 days before the Program Start Date listed on the DS-2019, and must depart the U.S. or otherwise change their status no later than 30 days after the Program End Date.
  • Obtain a travel signature from the RO before departing the U.S.
  • Engage in appropriate activities
  • Each Exchange Visitor category has an expectation for appropriate activities for the Exchange Visitor, which must be fulfilled. Examples: A Research Scholar is here to research, a Professor to teach, and a Student to maintain a full-time course of study.

Engage only in authorized employment.

Exchange Visitors are required to carry health insurance that meets the minimum requirements as set forth at 22 CFR 62.14 for the entirety of their program. (See RO for details.)

Report a change of address, telephone number, email address or site of activity to the RO within 10 calendar days.