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Congratulations to the winners of the 12th annual Off-Campus Studies Image Contest. This year's competition invited Off-Campus Studies participants to submit images that are unique, authentic and thought-provoking.  Each submission was accompanied by a statement explaining the image and how that moment impacted them.  Whitman Bookstore gift cards ($75, $50, $35) were awarded in each category with the Best in Show receiving $100.00.  

Below are four of the winners of Best in Show and First Place with their accompanying statements. Second and third place winners included Lauren Platman '15, Lucy Portman '15, Lila Stange '16, Annabelle Marcovici '15, Maddison Coons '16 and Kate Rubinstein '16. To view a slideshow of all the 2014 image contest entries, click here.

Best in Show - Maya Volk '15

Study Abroad Program: SIT: Indonesia Arts, Religion and Social Change
“This photo was taken in the compound where our Program Center was located.  My program was lucky to be there for a rare, large sacrification ceremony for the family and physical compound.  The girl in this photo is a ritual dancer who performed with a group of young girls in the family temple.  In the background there are young boys who later performed a masculine dance with spears."

Putting the "Study" in Study Abroad - 1st Place by Rachael Barton ’15

Study Abroad Program: Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS)
"Studying abroad in Copenhagen was an amazing opportunity to explore (in my opinion) the best city in all of Northern Europe.  From the beautiful architecture in the city to the concept of "hygge" found in my home (loosely translated as a sense of coziness), there is nothing I don't miss about my study abroad experience!"

Send Me There - 1st Place by Molly Emmett ' 15

Study Abroad Program: CIEE: Prague Central European Studies Program
"This moment captures a rare and glorious sunny afternoon looking out from the castle in St. Andrews. Walking along the pier, I was able to reflect on new cultural and sensory knowledge experienced through my time abroad, while also appreciating the natural beauty of coastal Scotland."

Whitties Abroad - 1st Place by Anya Tudisco

Study Abroad Program: SIT: Jaipur, India Sustainable Development and Social Change
"The Taj.  Cliche maybe.  But not overrated.  After having had to scale an iron gate to leave the guesthouse, lose each other getting tickets, and having a monkey take my precious dried mangoes, I was slightly distracted entering the gate.  But seeing this place first hand truly took my breath away and made me feel at peace, something that is hard to come by while in India.  No matter how many times you see this image in books and movies, it can never compare to the feeling of awe and wonder standing in its shadow."

Through the years the image contest has helped the OCS office to share students' off-campus experiences with the wider Whitman community, but, more importantly, it has helped the student participants to process their cultural experiences. Congratulations to the winners of this year's contest!