Partner Programs - Semester or Academic Year

Study abroad Partner Programs are programs outside the U.S. that are either administered by Whitman College or programs where we have made special arrangements for our students to attend. Students attending study abroad Partner Programs are considered to be enrolled in a Whitman off-campus studies program and are therefore eligible to use their Whitman need-based aid and merit scholarships and when they attend these programs.

U.S. Partner Programs are off-campus study programs in the United States that provide students with an opportunity to learn about specific fields in depth such as U.S. politics, urban studies, acting, oceanography and professional internships.

Summer Study Abroad Programs

Whitman College maintains a list of approximately 80 international summer programs that have been approved for transfer credit. Scholarship funding from Whitman College is not available for summer studies abroad, except for the Whitman Summer Studies in China (WSSC) Program funded by the David Deal China Exchange Endowment.

Whitman in China Teaching Program

The Whitman in China program (WIC) was established in 1982 by Professor David Deal to provide Whitman College alumni an opportunity to spend one year in China teaching English at a Chinese university. Nearly 200 Whitman alumni have participated in the program to date.  By living and working in China, program participants witness the rapid modernization of this important nation and experience Chinese culture first hand. At the same time, Whitman in China teachers give Chinese university students the rare opportunity to study English with native speakers.

Silk Roads Field Course

Spring 2016 lecture courses (Biology and History) and a two week educational trip to China - Silk Roads. Thespring field trip component to the spring lecture courses will include 14 days of travel by air and train to Xi'an, Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi and Khotan beginning the first Saturday of Spring Break 2016.