Many study abroad program providers offer both need-based aid and merit scholarships.  In addition there are national scholarships such as the Gilman, Boren NSEP, and Freeman Asia that offer study abroad scholarships.  We expect students who receive financial assistance from Whitman to apply to all outside scholarships for which they may be eligible to help make off-campus studies more affordable.  For specific advice about your eligibility for scholarships, please consult with Barbara Hoffman, Assistant Director of Off-Campus Studies.

If you receive an outside scholarship from a study abroad program provider or national study abroad scholarship, you will typically receive the entirety of those funds to help defray the cost of your off-campus studies fees.  Receiving an outside scholarship will not reduce your Whitman scholarship, except in the rare case in which your combined Whitman financial aid and outside scholarship exceeds the total basic cost of your off-campus studies program.

Any outside scholarship you receive could also reduce your loan eligibility.  It is possible that you might qualify for less subsidized loan as a result of the additional scholarship due to your expected family contribution from completing the FAFSA.