Name: Tanner Bowersox ‘ 14
Hometown: Hanover, PA
Major: Geology
OCS Program: CIEE Alicante Liberal Arts

While in Spain, I received an internship offer to work for Saunders Oil & Gas, an exploration geology LLC in San Antonio, Texas.  I accepted the offer and left for Texas just a few weeks after getting back home from Spain. Along with doing a plethora of things related to my geology major, I quickly learned that Saunders has exploration operations going on in Colombia.

I found that the Spanish abilities my study abroad experience fostered in me allowed me to communicate geologic concepts in Spanish to a co-worker from Colombia who was visiting Texas at the time, along with allowing me to speak Spanish with our Mexican office manager and secretary. It was a perfect combination of my interests, and I certainly would not have had the Spanish skills or level of confidence without my abroad experience in Alicante.