Federal Income Tax Filing

Whitman College provides access to online tax preparation services from Sprintax.com in order to assist eligible international students and Language Assistants with preparing their U.S. federal income tax returns. Once students have received their income statements from their U.S. employer(s) in spring semester, the International Student & Scholar Adviser will send email notifications to students regarding tax filing workshops. The workshops will introduce the Sprintax.com website and its services, and will help students set up their online profiles with Sprintax and assist them in accessing resources from the Sprintax team if needed.

Tax Determination System

In order to assist international students and scholars as well as Whitman in maintaining tax compliance, new international students and scholars will need to set up an online profile in the Sprintax Tax Determination System. New international students will have an opportunity to set up their profiles during International Student Orientation; new international scholars will be contacted and requested to set up their profiles shortly after their arrival at Whitman. Please note that the Sprintax Tax Determination System profiles are designed to aid in U.S. tax compliance and do not replace U.S. federal tax returns. International students and scholars must also file a U.S. federal tax return for each year they are present in the U.S.

International students and scholars have a legal obligation to file one or more tax forms for every year they are present in the U.S., whether or not they have worked. Whitman College staff cannot provide tax advice or prepare your tax forms for you. The information on this website is not a substitute for advice from a tax professional. If you have particular questions about your tax filing obligation, we encourage you to contact a tax professional with experience in U.S. resident and nonresident alien tax compliance.