Whitman offers the following climbing courses every semester for 1 activity credit each:

137 Beginning Indoor Rock Climbing (Fee: $140 - no trip required)
138 Rock Climbing (Fee: $165 - trip required)
237 Intermediate Indoor Rock Climbing (Fee: $140 - no trip required)
238 Intermediate Rock Climbing (Fee: $165 - trip required)

The following climbing-related courses are offered less frequently and count for the number of academic credits indicated:

248 Climbing Wall Instructor 
This course provides instructors and potential instructors with an in-depth and standardized understanding of the skills essential to teaching climbing in an indoor setting. It is the first step in a sequential approach to professional climbing instructor development. The course reinforces the importance of teaching technically accurate information and debunks many common climbing myths. The course emphasizes the presentation of sound fundamental skills to climbing gym participants, the use of deliberate and effective instructional methods, the formation of risk assessment and risk management skills and basic problem-solving skills such as belay transitions and on-wall coaching and assist techniques. Participants will be assessed on both their core knowledge and their ability to effectively teach and coach related skills. Graded credit/no credit. Fee: $165.

338 Improvised Rock Rescue Systems
This course is designed to train skilled lead climbers in improvised self-rescue systems for technical rock climbing. It is useful for both single pitch and multi-pitch climbers. It is especially useful for instructors and advanced climbers to help them both analyze and mitigate potential hazards and problems. It also will enable them to initiate self-rescue through a variety of tried and true systems that can be combined and used in various ways. Ascension systems, escaping the belay, passing a knot, lowering systems, raising systems, counterbalance rappels, assisted rappels and other rescue concepts will be covered. Prerequisites: SSRA 238 or 387 or consent of instructor. Fee: $50.

387 Advanced Climbing: Single Pitch Instructor Course 
This course is designed for strong climbers interested in becoming climbing instructors and managing an institutional single pitch climbing site. Emphasis will be on developing an awareness of liability concerns and how to mitigate risk. Topics that will be covered include: movement on rock, knots and rope systems, anchors, protection placement, rappelling, belaying, lead climbing, following, single pitch rescue techniques, teaching techniques, route setting and climbing wall management. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Fee: $550.