Whitman College benefits open enrollment takes place November 18 - December 2, 2022. 

As open enrollment begins, you should know that the cost of insurance will be increasing for employees and for the college. This year we have seen both a significant increase in medical, pharmacy and dental expenses as well as an increase in health care claims by employees. While we have been able to maintain or reduce premium rates for Whitman employees each year since 2017, this year Whitman will increase our projected expenses for 2023. That means medical premiums paid by staff, faculty and the College will increase by 13%. This increase will not completely cover the expected costs for 2023. To fully cover the costs, the college will use some of our reserves to reduce the impact on payroll deductions. You can find more specifics regarding premium costs in this year’s open enrollment guide which is attached to this email.

Beginning in 2023, we will have a new life insurance carrier through Reliance Standard.  During open enrollment, all employees have the opportunity to purchase voluntary life insurance coverage up to the guarantee issue amount without providing evidence of insurability. 

You only need to take action if you are making any changes or want to enroll in a flexible spending account (FSA) or supplemental life insurance. 

Open Enrollment Choices 

  • Enroll in or make changes to your medical and dental enrollment.
  • Enroll in Supplemental Life and AD&D insurance and increase the guaranteed issue coverage maximum.
  • Enroll in Dependent Care and/or Health flexible spending accounts (FSAs) for 2023 by visiting naviabenefits.com. Register as a plan participant and use the employer code "WMN."  Your employee ID number is your social security number.
  • Enroll in AFLAC or make changes to your existing AFLAC plan by contacting Heidi Heineman, Employee Benefits Consulting Specialist.  

For More Information

To obtain electronic enrollment forms, securely email sensitive documentation, or more information, please contact  hr@whitman.edu or (509) 527-5173.  Don't forget that you only need to complete new forms if you are making any changes or want to enroll in a flexible spending account for 2023.