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Purpose:  The purpose of the Staff Fringe Benefits Committee is to serve as an advisory body, providing feedback to College leadership regarding the benefits needs, interests, and priorities of the staff and their dependents.

Terms & Elections:  Effective August 2016, the President's Cabinet approved the following guidelines for the committee:

  • There shall be one member to represent each of the Vice President's area of responsibility (currently eight).  Each member shall serve a two year term and be allowed to stand for up to two additional terms for a maximum total of 6 years of service.
  • Previous members cannot be back on the committee until they have been off for at least one term.
  • Members will be replaced as needed by a volunteer nomination process initiated by the appropriate Vice President.  New members will be approved by the appropriate Vice President and Human Resources.
  • The Committee Chair shall be elected by the committee members and shall serve in that capacity for two years.  The Committee Chair may be allowed to serve one additional term, for a maximum of 4 years as Chair.

Meeting Frequency:  The committee will meet as needed.

Information Gathering:  Recommendations and comments may be made to committee members by staff at any time.  Additionally, periodic electronic/printed surveys will be taken to gather general and or specific issue feedback.

Representation Prioritization:  No specific percentage of staff approval will be required for the Staff Fringe Benefits Committee to make recommendations to the President's Cabinet.  However, information acquired by the methods listed above will be strongly considered prior to making those recommendations.  Prioritization of issues discussed will be determined by the committee based on staff feedback.


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