National deadline:  March 1, 2016

Eligibility requirements:

  • Seniors or recent graduates but preference given to graduating seniors who meet all host country's requirements
  • U.S. citizen
  • Proficient in the spoken and written language of the host country

Award summary and conditions:
Up to four awards will be available to pursue projects that promote "the power of music" as a global force for mutual understanding. Preference will be given to creative projects that are conveyed in a dynamic fashion and are accompanied by a feasible plan. As part of the Fulbright application, applicants must submit a Documentation and Outreach Plan describing how they intend to share their activities with their peers during their Fulbright year abroad through mtvU print, broadcast and/or online mediums.

Application process: online

Application requirements:  

  • Basic data
  • Statement of Grant Purpose
  • Letter(s) of Affiliation for Research/Study applicants (may be required-consult the country summary)
  • Personal Statement
  • Language Report Forms (may be required-consult the country summary)
    • Form 7:  Language Background Report
    • Form 7A:  Critical Language Enhancement Award Supplementary Form
    • Form 8:  Foreign Language Evaluation
  • Recommendations (3):
    • Form 9A:  References for Research/Study Grants
    • Form 9B:  ETA Reference Forms
  • Transcript(s)
  • Form 11: Creative and Performing Arts Supplementary Form and Materials (if required)
  • Documentation and Outreach Plan (in Embark system)

Note: In addition, applications in the Creative and Performing Arts require the submission of supplementary materials (work samples) in support of the written application.  Guidelines for scanning and uploading these materials can be found at

Complete instructions and technical support for uploading materials are on DecisionDesk. DecisionDesk is a separate website not associated with the Embark Online application.

The Supplementary Materials Record Form 11 must also be completed in the Embark Online Application by all applicants in the Creative and Performing Arts. Pieces should be carefully itemized on this form since it will be used as a record during the competition. Materials not listed on the accompanying Form 11 will not be presented to screening committees.

Faculty representative:  Keith Raether

Internal interview:  No

National committee interview:  No

Selection process: Recipients are chosen through a multi-tiered, merit-based process beginning with field and discipline merit reviews by U.S. and foreign academic leaders and area experts.  The final selection was made by the Presidentially-appointed J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board.

Notification:  May 1, 2017

Contact information: