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American-Scandinavian Foundation


Application period: April to early November

Eligibility requirements: 

  • U.S. citizens and permanent residents     
  • Seniors and alumni      
  • Well-defined research or study project that makes a stay in Scandinavia essential. (Group projects acceptable; individual application required)      
  • Language ability preferred in country where study will be done  

Award summary and conditions: The American-Scandinavian Foundation offers year-long fellowships ($23,000 maximum) and one to three-month grants ($5,000 maximum) to individuals to pursue research or study in a Scandinavian country. Awards are made in all fields. Priority for fellowships is given to graduate-level candidates to support dissertation-related study or research. Applications in the visual arts, music, film, dance, creative writing and translation are welcome. (See website for details.)

Application process: online

Application requirements:       

  • Biographical information
  • Photo identification 
  • Educational & professional background (including c.v.)
  • Transcripts for all undergraduate and graduate course work.
  • Project abstract (150 words maximum)
  • Project statement (1,200 words maximum)
  • Project budget
  • Letters of invitation or affiliation from the institution or individuals detailed in the proposal
  • Letters of recommendation* (3)
  • Application fee

*Students list 3 recommenders and their email addresses in their application. The system will then generate an email to each recommender giving them instructions.

Faculty representative: Director for Fellowships and Grants

Fellowships and Grants
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