If you have previous college-level credit, fill in the appropriate fields and click "Submit" below to send the form electronically to the Registrar's Office. Note: This form does not apply to coursework completed through the College Board Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate exams-- for such credits, we only need an official score report sent in from the organization. See the General Information page for more information.

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In order for courses to be eligible for Whitman credit, they must have been:

1) Completed at an accredited collegiate institution and appear on that institution’s official transcript
2) Academic in nature (i.e., not professional, vocational, or technical)
3) Generally applicable toward a liberal arts and sciences program of study (i.e., courses in Business, Engineering, Architecture, Health Sciences, etc. may not transfer)

As indicated in the Whitman College Catalog, transfer credit classified as “College in High School” cannot be accepted by Whitman. Such courses include those:

1) Completed at a location other than a college campus (i.e., in high school)
2) Not considered as part of the college’s regular curriculum
3) Instructed by someone other than the college’s regular faculty
4) Listing more than one-third of the class participants as high school students

By submitting this form, you are indicating whether the transfer credit for consideration is or is not “College in High School” in nature. Please list the institutions you have attended below.

If any of the courses were "College in the High School", please list those below. These courses are not eligible for transfer credit.

In addition, please indicate in the appropriate section below if any of the courses were taken online, through an extension program, or a correspondence course.

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