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Reg Info for FY/Transfer Students

Fall 2019 New Student Registration Information -- for Faculty

Registration for incoming first-year students will take place on Saturday, August 31 from 8am – 1pm in the Reid Ballroom. Faculty will not be required to be present for the entire five hours but a representative from each department must be at the department table at all times to assist students with course information and waitlists.

Advisers will be scheduled to be in attendance during their advisees’ registration appointment times, which will be grouped together. Wireless connections will be available for faculty who wish to bring laptops. Specific information regarding attendance times will be sent to faculty prior to opening week. A light breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Advising New Students

  • Advisers will meet individually with incoming first-year advisees in the faculty member’s office at the assigned appointment time on Friday, August 30. Transfer students will meet individually with their adviser on Monday, September 2. Plagiarism Forms will be collected from the students by the Academic Resources staff during group advising meetings earlier on Friday; advisers are not required to collect these forms.

  • These students will not have an adviser hold to clear. Advisers should immediately email Juli Dunn with the names of any incoming first-year students who do not show for their advising appointments to have a hold placed on the student’s record.
  • Incoming first-year and transfer students will have already completed web check-in before they meet with advisers.

    • Advisers should instruct first-year students to create a Course Wishlist, including several alternatives, through their student portal (my.whitman.edu/students) after their advising meeting on Friday. The Course Wishlist is a holding place for courses students are interested in and may wish to register for on Saturday. Creating this in advance will greatly expedite the registration process.
    • Transfer students completed registration via phone over the summer and do not need to attend arena registration on Saturday, August 31. If they need to make changes to their schedules they will do so online during add/drop for their appropriate class level on Monday,  September 2.
  • There is an option in "Search for Classes" in the faculty portal that allows either a search of all courses or just of the courses with an open status. This will be helpful in determining courses that do not require instructor consent for enrollment.

  • Incoming first-year students will be registered in GenS 145 by the Registrar’s Office. Students will then be allowed to add up to 10 additional academic credits for a max total of 14 academic credits. Additional activity credit classes may also be added during registration on Saturday morning. Activity credit does not count toward the 14 academic credits.

    • When students finish entering their courses online they will be REQUIRED to complete the "Additional Course Request" form. On this form they will specify if they wish to add another course to their schedule and, if so, note up to four course options in order of preference.
    • Please instruct your first-year advisees not to list the same exact course and section multiple times as this greatly reduces the chances of successfully adding a course to their schedule.
    • Advisers must sign the "Additional Course Request" form and it must be submitted by the student prior to leaving registration. The Registrar’s Office staff will add one additional class, for those students requesting it, in reverse order from the morning registration appointment times, and will send email notice to students when these additions have been completed. This is being done to make the registration process more equitable.
  • Memo pads will be available on all faculty tables to indicate to your advisees any further action they need to take during the add/drop period to finalize their schedules. Please make an effort to use this form for any students still needing to make changes to their schedules after leaving arena registration.

Instructor Course Consent

  • New students trying to add a consent or closed class during registration on Saturday will need the instructor’s signature on a “Course Consent” form. These forms will be located on each faculty table in Reid as well as at the student kiosks. Please instruct the student to submit the signed form to the Registrar’s Office table in the kiosk area to add the course once consent has been granted.

  • Faculty members wishing to grant new students consent during the add/drop period (starting Monday, September 2) will use the same electronic consent procedure in “my.whitman.edu” as is used for returning students. Remind students that they will then need to approve the addition of a consent course in CLEo which will automatically send an email to the Registrar’s Office and the course will be added.

 Instructor consent does NOT automatically register the student in the course.


Registrar's Office
Office Information
  • Memorial Building 212
    345 Boyer Ave
    Walla Walla, WA 99362
  • Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
  • Phone: 509-527-5983 Fax: 509-522-4431
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