Class of 1997
20th Cluster Reunion - Fall 2018

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Row One: Jesse Finkelstein, Matt Anderson, Monica Lee Brown, Eric Stein, Stephen Fallquist, Jennifer Edwards Frye, Danielle Garbe, Anne Thatcher, Tauryn Thatcher Beeman, Tim Clairmont

Row Two: Brian Medlock, Rodney Gibson, Joelle Rickard, Amy Zigler Myers, Keri Enright-Kato, Patrick Sprinkle, Castle Funatake, Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger, Holly Munyan, Anne Marie Shields Charnholm, Amanda Kernen Mackison

Row Three: Chris Bromley, Mike Heath, Betsy Raymond, Katie Lethenstrom, Stephen Patch-Putt, Chris Cramer, Tim Scudder, Courtney Whitmore Wyckoff

Row Four: Neel Blair, Brett Gomsrud, Paul Humphrey, Rob Maysey, Alecia Walters, Brian Krouse, Greg Wyckoff