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Mission Statement

LGBTQIA+ Student Services seeks to address the diverse needs of LGBTQIA+ identifying Whitman community members. Centering minoritized voices within the LGBTQIA+ community, a community-centered model in praxis, we aim to support, educate, and engage community members in advocating for our labor of critically challenging and dismantling cisgendered, heteronormative structures. We progress towards an inclusive and equitable campus community through sustained visibility, community-building, and empowerment.

Gender-Inclusive Housing

In Residence Life we strive to foster supportive living environments for all students. We understand that for some students, this may be best facilitated through a gender-inclusive housing arrangement. Students interested in gender-inclusive housing may select a different-gendered roommate. They need to specify who they would like to live with in any mixed-class hall. We encourage students concerned about their housing arrangements to contact their Resident Director or the Residence Life & Housing Office so we can ensure a safe, healthy, and supportive living environment for all students. For more information on housing, please contact on_campus_housing@whitman.edu

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