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Whitman College Environmental Principles

The Mission of the Office of Sustainability

The Whitman College Office of Sustainability unites the efforts of faculty, staff and students to promote leadership in sustainability. We recognize the impact our college has on the environment and the college's responsibility as an institution of higher learning. The Office of Sustainability serves as a resource to catalyze our environmental principles and commitments into action. The Office works to harmonize our interaction with the natural environment through outreach, environmental stewardship, institutional advocacy and the integration of sustainability into institutional policies, programs, and practices.

Whitman College Environmental Principles

Whitman College affirms the following environmental principles and standards, which shall be consulted to explore the practical ways the college can promote an environmentally conscious campus.

  • To reduce the amount of non-recyclable materials, to reuse materials when possible and utilize recycled materials.
  • To consider the eco-friendliest science and technology available to decrease our environmental impact.
  • To continue to build an energy-efficient campus in the 21st century.
  • To patronize companies that are active in their defense of the environment from further degradation.
  • To encourage individuals' environmental accountability through programs of environmental education.
  • To consider environmentally friendly options when they exist and are practical in decisions regarding developmental projects.
  • To further the use of reused materials, recyclable materials and the internet for campus communications.
  • To encourage and request food service to make environmentally friendly decisions in purchasing food and supplies, reducing waste and reusing materials.
  • To maintain campus grounds through the employment of bio-friendly substances and services.
  • To strive to improve upon current practices so we may harmonize the trends of the industrial world with the natural environment.

Whitman College Strategic Priorities

In 2015, the Whitman College community launched a strategic planning process that would serve to guide the College’s efforts over the next five to seven years. The priorities were outlined as:

  • Increasing access and affordability
  • Enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Innovating the curriculum
  • Connecting to life after Whitman
  • Celebrating our location
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