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Religious Accommodations

Whitman College strives to acknowledge and embrace religious diversity on campus. In some instances, religious observances may conflict with scheduled exams, assignments or required class attendance. In accordance with RCW 28B.137.010, teaching faculty will provide without penalty reasonable accommodations for all students who contact their faculty within the first two weeks of class about their need for religious accommodations in that term. In their syllabi, faculty will explain this policy and/or include a link to this page.

Should a conflict with regard to accommodating a religious observance arise which cannot be resolved by the student and faculty member, it should be referred to the Department Chair. If it cannot be resolved at the departmental level, it should be referred to the Dean of the Faculty.

Given that the accommodation request process can be intimidating for some, students can, at any time, contact their academic advisor or Whitman’s Interfaith Chaplain for support in making this request. 

If a faculty member fails to abide by the college’s Religious Accommodations policy, a Bias Incident Report and/or Grievance can be pursued to resolve the matter and secure compliance with Washington State law.

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