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Reporting an Incident of Sexual Misconduct

The Sexual Misconduct Report Form is an anonymous, confidential way to report incidents of sexual misconduct.

Sexual Misconduct Report Form

The anonymous, confidential Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form serves three primary purposes:

  • To allow Whitman College to contact the report to confirm receipt of the report (if the reporter's name is included) to ask if the reporter needs information and/or assistance. 
  • To allow the Whitman College to track which services are being accessed and assist the college in doing a more effective job of educating students in regard to the services available for dealing with incidents of sex- or gender-based harassment, discrimination, or violence. It also allows such incidents to be posted in the college's daily crime log which is maintained by Security.
  • To allow Whitman College to report more accurately the number of incidents occurring on campus each year. These numbers are reported in our annual campus security report in compliance with the Clery Act.
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