Class of 1969
50th Reunion - May 16-19, 2019

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Row One: Steve Gassner, Rick Klobucher, Liz Baxter Lansing, Sandi Kinney Fein, Pat Morris Johnson, Linda Fallon Driscoll, Dave Williams, Sue Ritz Williams, Marilyn Long Roberts

Row Two: Mike Stipe, Kenny Tam, Susan Cooper Wilson, Patty North, Bobette DeButts Bush, Ginger Porter, Phil Gardner, Barbara Sweany McClinton, Jan Detwiler.

Row Three: Cass Daly Clinger, Diana Cochener Broze, Alex MacLeod, Walt Wood, John Courtnage, Carol McCormick, Ric Schickele, Steve Lane, Drew Barden.

Row Four: Eli Whitney, Paul Holder, Tom Williams, Linda Weihmann Brown, Kathy Yonker King.