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All In For Whitman Toolkit

All In for Whitman

All In for Whitman unites students, alumni, families, staff, faculty and friends to celebrate and support the Whitman experience. Join us to make an impact and create transformational opportunities for all Whitman students. Help us meet our ambitious goals by making a gift and encouraging your classmates to go All In!

In addition to making a gift, here are other ways to participate:

Reach out to friends by email and text! Find sample messages here.


Other Ways To Go All In for Whitman on October 25–26, 2023

Thank you for helping us reach our goal during All In for Whitman! To increase your impact on this day, please encourage your classmates, friends, family and colleagues to join you in making a gift. Spreading the word is easy, fun and rewarding because the platform will tell you exactly how many clicks, gifts and dollars your outreach drives!

To become an advocate and take advantage of these tools, follow these four simple steps:

  • Go to givecampus.com and click ‘Sign Up’ in the top right of the page.

  • Create an account either by linking to your Facebook account or your email.
  • Go to the campaign page. Click on the advocate tab to find a link that is now customized just for you! To share on your social media like Facebook and Twitter, click those buttons and your support will automatically be tracked on the 'advocates' tab just below the video.

  • In addition to sharing, you will also be recognized as an advocate for doing things to make sharing more fun like creating a matching gift or challenge and creating a personal plea video.

Inspire your friends and classmates to give by creating a matching gift or challenge. You can create a match or challenge by going to the All In for Whitman site and clicking on the appropriate button on the left side of the screen below the video. Step-by-step instructions below:

Matches and challenges are similar; the key difference is that challenges are milestone-based (e.g. if ten people make a gift, I will give $500) and matches are made on a per-donor basis (e.g. I will match up to $500 on a dollar-for-dollar basis for the next $500 that is donated).

Matching Gifts

  • Enter how much you’d like to match up to (e.g. up to $250).

  • Select if you want the match to be 1:1, or if you click ‘other,’ you can choose to donate another amount ‘per dollar’ donated or ‘per donor’ match.
  • Select when the match should end (e.g., until the campaign ends or over a certain period of days).
  • Most matches are not restricted, but you can choose if you would like to restrict your match to only apply to fellow members of your class or a list of friends.
  • Enter your payment information.
  • After you’ve created your match, please encourage your friends and classmates to support Whitman College by sending them your custom link or directing them to the All In for Whitman giving page!
  • Track your match’s progress by visiting the campaign page. Note: Your match will be displayed on the Advocates tab as donors respond to your match.


  • Enter how much you’d like to give.

  • Choose the milestone (e.g., donors or dollars).
  • Enter your payment information.
  • After you’ve created your challenge, encourage your friends and classmates to join you in supporting Whitman College.
  • Track your challenge’s progress by visiting the campaign page. Note: Recognition for your challenge will not display on the Advocates tab until your challenge is successful.

You can play an essential role in Whitman’s goal to receive gifts from 1,500 donors over two days. Help us spread the word on social media using the following resources.

  • Share Whitman’s updates from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on your social media accounts.
  • Use hashtags #AllInforWhitman #whitmancollege #whitmanalumni #whittiesgive on your social media posts.
  • Reach out to friends by email and text! Find sample messages here.
  • Change your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile photos to the All In for Whitman images.
  • Change your Facebook or Twitter cover photos with All In for Whitman banner image.
  • Use the All In for Whitman Zoom background for virtual meetings during the days of giving.
  • Print the “I’m All In for Whitman because” sign and write why you are all in. Take a picture and post to your personal social media account with hashtags.

Download Social Media Profile Photos and Banner Images

All In logo

All In Logo

All In for Whitman Facebook Banner

All In For Whitman Facebook Banner

All In Zoom Background

All In For Whitman Zoom Background

All in Printable image

All In for Whitman printable image


Frequently Asked Questions

October 25-26, 2023

  1. Visit the All In for Whitman platform and click on the sharing links under the video, or become an advocate.
  2. Encourage your friends and followers on social media to get involved by using hashtags #AllInforWhitman #whitmancollege #whitmanalumni #whittiesgive.
  3. Bring awareness to All In for Whitman by updating your social media profile photo or cover photo prior to the days of giving.

Yes! On the Whitman campus, there will be events going on throughout the day. Special surprises will occur at Cleveland Commons. Come by and check it out.

We can’t tell you—you’ll have to be there or join us virtually!

Visit give.whitman.edu/allin and click the “Give Now” button.

Yes! Visit give.whitman.edu/allin, click on the “Become and Advocate” button for detailed instructions, or email annualgiving@whitman.edu with questions.

Yes! Become an advocate, you can record a “Personal Plea” to post to the platform and share with your network.

Gifts sent by mail can count toward the goal. Mail your check to: Whitman College, 345 Boyer Avenue, Walla Walla, WA 99362. Include “All In for Whitman” on the memo line.

Yes! Please call the Office of Annual Giving at 509-527-5189 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PDT. Please specify that you would like to be recognized on the All In for Whitman site for your gift.

Whitman College is a 501c3 and gifts are tax deductible as allowed by the IRS.

Please call the Office of Annual Giving at 509-527-5189.

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