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What Whitman Needs to Know

  1. What would you like Whitman College to use the gift proceeds for?
  2. What type of Company (i.e. L.L.C., S-Corp.) are you considering gifting?
  3. What are the activities of the Company?
  4. What is the total number of shares (broken down by type if necessary)?
  5. What is the number and type (individual, company) of owners and their respective ownership interests?
  6. Are there any restrictions, limits or conditions of any kind on transferring of shares (a copy of articles of incorporation and/or any management agreement is appreciated)?
  7. What is the state of Principal Place of Business and all other states in which the company is registered to do business?

Other Questions Whitman Will Ask

  1. Is or has the company, any owner or employee been involved in a lawsuit, or legal or governmental action?
  2. How did you acquire your shares? (Initial formation of company or purchase?)
  3. What is the basis of your shares?
  4. Did or does the company own any real estate?
    • a. If yes, what, when, where?
    • b. What are the current and all former use of land?
    • c. Are there any environmental concerns, issues, or actions (superfund site, protected, storage tanks, etc.)?
  5. What is the financial status of the Company?

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