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If you have a broker or transfer agent, transfer the securities to Whitman’s broker:

UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Seattle, WA
Attn: Mark Matthews
800-426-7531 (toll-free)
206-628-8592 (direct)
DTC Number: 0221
Account Number: WI-40449 

Please be sure to inform the Office of the CFO 509-527-5745 or the Development Office 509-527-5165 of the number and type of shares, issuing company, and purpose of the gift. Whitman’s policy is to sell all donated securities and we discourage re-registering certificates. Whitman’s tax number is 91-0567740.

Mutual Funds

  • Contact your broker or the mutual fund company and ask what they require to make a gift to Whitman. Occasionally, a change of ownership/transfer form must be filled out by you and Whitman must open an account with the mutual fund to receive the transfer.
  • Contact the Office of the CFO or the Development Office. Inform us who we must contact to obtain the account application. Your broker or fund company may furnish you with the form. If so, please mail it to the Office of the CFO, 345 Boyer Avenue, Walla Walla, WA 99362.
  • If possible, please mail the change of ownership/transfer form to the Office of the CFO. Submitting the forms together assists in a smooth and more rapid exchange.

Stocks and Bond Certificates

If you have possession of the stock or bond certificates, you may donate the securities to Whitman. Transfers of certificates typically take 4 to 6 weeks to complete processing, which may delay your gift. Your two options to transfer certificates to Whitman are:

  • Deposit the certificates with a brokerage firm and then instruct the brokerage firm to transfer the securities electronically to one of Whitman’s brokers.
  • Complete paperwork transferring ownership of the certificates to the college. To transfer the ownership of the securities to Whitman, you must:
    • Obtain and date a stock/bond power form (available from Whitman).
    • Sign the form in the presence of an individual who can Medallion guarantee the signature (most banks and brokers).
    • Mail the signed, guaranteed stock/bond power form and unsigned security certificates in separate envelopes to: Whitman College, Office of the CFO, 345 Boyer Avenue, Walla Walla, WA 99362. If the gift is from multiple companies or issuing agencies, you’ll need to mail a stock/bond power for each.
      Note: The security of the transaction is enhanced by sending the certificates by registered or certified mail. The certificates should NOT be signed.

If you don’t have a broker or the stock or bond certificates:

  • Contact the paying agent (the agent who disburses dividend and interest checks) to determine who the transfer agent is. In some instances, they’re the same.
  • Send a written request with a Medallion-guaranteed signature to the transfer agent with instructions to transfer the shares to Whitman College’s account at one its brokers. Please send a copy of this request and a completed W-9 form to: Whitman College, Office of the Treasurer, 345 Boyer Avenue, Walla Walla, WA 99362.

Date and Value of the Gift

The date of a securities gift is the time ownership passes from you to the College. This may be the date on an irrevocable stock or bond power, or the date the transfer agent transfers ownership. The value of publicly traded securities is the average of high and low market prices recorded on the major stock exchange on the gift date. Closely held stocks must be independently appraised if the gift value is $10,000 or more.

We encourage you to consult your professional advisers on all financial decisions.

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