Science Outreach Program Engages Elementary Students with STEM Principles

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Whitman Receives First Patent for New Lab Tool

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Biologist Tracks Evolution Through Study of Monkeyflowers

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Assistant Professor Brings Research into the Classroom

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Welcome to the Office of Grants & Foundation Relations! Our office is a one-stop shop for grant services for faculty, staff, and the College. Specifically, we:

  • Help obtain external support for Whitman College through the identification, cultivation, and solicitation of foundations, corporations, and government agencies for College priorities such as academic programs, student life initiatives, facilities and equipment, or scholarships. 
  • Help faculty members develop external grant applications to support their individual research and curricular projects.
  • Ensure and monitor College and faculty compliance with federal grant regulations and guidelines.
  • Provide post-award grants management assistance, including tracking spending, processing payments, and assisting with financial and narrative reports.

Do you want to apply for a grant? Here's how:

  • We are eager to help! Make an appointment to chat with us about your general plans or about a specific grant opportunity.
  • Fill out the required Proposal Development Form one month before the proposal deadline. This will inform all relevant parties that you intend to apply for a grant, and to obtain approval for your proposal submission.
  • If matching funds are required, fill out the Matching Funds Request Form one month before the proposal deadline. The Provost's office may be able to provide some funds if required by a funding agency. 
  • Work closely with us throughout the proposal preparation process. We help with developing budgets, providing boilerplate institutional information, obtaining internal signatures, editing proposals, and facilitating proposal submission via online systems

Grants & Foundation Relations News

Whitman College, in collaboration with the University of Oregon and the University of Idaho, was awarded a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation as part of the organization’s Just Futures Initiative, which aims to create programs that expand public understanding of racism in United States history and advance more just and equitable futures. With the $4.52 million grant, the three schools will establish the Pacific Northwest Just Futures Institute, intended to provide a regional platform for initiatives that help rectify “the devastating consequences of intersectional racism and climate change” through collaborative research, community engagement activities, the creation of digital archives, applied courses, and incentives to attract and retain underrepresented students, faculty and staff. 

Whitman College, on behalf of the Northwest Five Consortium (Lewis and Clark College, Reed College, the University of Puget Sound and Willamette University), has received a $900,000 grant over four years from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The grant will enable the five colleges to collaborate with local and regional partners to develop and implement community engagement initiatives. Through these collaborations, Consortium members will promote knowledge-sharing across institutions, produce mutually beneficial outcomes for communities around the Pacific Northwest, guide students in exploring issues of local and regional relevance, establish and strengthen the place of the humanities in the Northwest, and produce graduates who have the skills to meaningfully engage with their communities and workplaces.

A 5-year grant from the Carrie Welch Trust will help sustain and expand Whitman’s educational outreach program efforts. The grant will create an “educational outreach fund” to enable the College’s community outreach programs to fulfill several goals: 1) provide supplemental funding for existing programs; 2) provide seed funding for new programs; and 3) provide funding to hire additional student interns or add hours to existing student intern positions to manage our growing outreach programs. Find more information about community outreach at Whitman.

The M.J. Murdock Trust has awarded Whitman two research start-up grants to support new faculty positions in the sciences. New faculty members in biology and physics will join Whitman in the fall of 2020. These grants offer support to supplement the start-up costs for new positions; funds are used to help the faculty members launch their research labs and begin a student-faculty research program.


NEH Fellowship applications will open February 13, 2022: See more information here.

Humanities WA Speakers’ Bureau applications for 2020-2021 were due April 8. Find out more information about becoming a speaker.

NIH R15 AREA grants: next deadline is October 25. Find out more information.