Whitman College Class of 1996 20th Cluster Reunion, Fall 2015

Class of 1996
20th Cluster Reunion - Fall 2015

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First Row: Elizabeth Wyckoff Dickenson, Kathleen Ream Goodman, Amy Skei, Jennie Close, Melissa Smith Gomsrud, Jamie Kennedy

Second Row: Elizabeth Bagnulo Dacey, Tara Goldsmith Zimmerman, Kathleen Kemple Blanding, Sarah Laird Watson, Becky Brokstein Kennedy

Third Row: Claire Zantua Evans, Elizabeth Casey Fairchild, Angela Warren Miller, Aron Gladstone

Fourth Row: Kain Evans, Ray Price, Nathan Engman, Jennifer Kelly Gallagher, Jenny Lee Fischer, Sarah Wolfe Soares

Fifth Row: Karen Dickey Edmonds, Brian Johnson, Vince Guyer, Paea LePendu, Emily Carr Durand ’98

Sixth Row: Stephen McHale, Ted Lawrence, Michael Burles, Heaven Moore Gregg, Diana MacDonald Peckham ’94