Why aren’t Class Notes posted online?

The most important concern is privacy. Class Notes often contain addresses, job and family information. While it is one thing to print this information in a controlled-circulation magazine, it is another to post it on the Internet.

How do I submit a Class Note?

The Class Notes editor is Nancy Mitchell. E-mail her at or fill out the Class Notes form online. Mail notes to Nancy’s attention at Whitman College, 345 Boyer Ave., Walla Walla, WA 99362.

Where do Class Notes come from?

About 90 percent come directly from you. The rest are compiled from a variety of sources, including news releases from employers. We check with alumni by e-mail or phone to verify information from most outside sources.

Please be brief! Class Notes submissions are edited for style, clarity and length. We will do our best to publish all notes received in a timely manner, but space is at a premium. Please do not submit the same information repeatedly.

We work very hard to ensure Class Notes are accurate. If we do make an error, please notify the Class Notes editor as soon as possible so a clarification or correction may be printed in the next issue.

If a note is submitted in a timely fashion (see deadlines below), it will usually appear in the next issue. Sometimes, due to space considerations, a note may be held for the following issue.

When are Class Notes due?

  • May 15 for the July issue
  • Aug. 15 for the October issue
  • Oct. 15 for the December issue
  • Feb. 1 for the March issue

May I submit a photograph?

When space permits, photographs may be included in the Class Notes section. High-resolution digital photos or prints are preferred. Photos may be e-mailed or mailed to the Class Notes editor (information above.) Please note: We do not print wedding and baby photos in the magazine, however recent graduates (within 10 years) may submit such photos for publication in LiveWire by e-mailing Jason Arp at

How do I change my address?

E-mail or mail your information to Sarah Jones at 345 Boyer Ave., Walla Walla, WA 99362.