Note: the Student Engagement Center will switch to a different online job board service, Handshake, during summer 2017.

iEngage is an advanced job search and career development tool that connects students with internships, events, alumni, and opportunities.


  • Job Postings: Both on- and off-campus employers post open positions to iEngage.
  • Job/Internship Databases: iEngage allows users to access the NACElink Job Network, a nationwide database of jobs for recent graduates, and the Nationwide Internships Consortium (NIC), which has thousands of internship postings from around the country. To access NACElink, look for NACE Job Network under the Jobs tab. To access NIC, use the "jump to" button on the iEngage home page. 
  • Customized Notifications: Users who fill out the "Jobs & Events Notifications" fields in their profiles will receive email blasts with events and job openings related to their interests.
  • Career Explorer: This tool allows users to learn about the projected growth, level of preparation, outlook, and environmental impact of different fields.
  • Event Registration
  • Employer/Contact Directories

Completing Your Profile
For incoming students: activate your Whitman account first. Once you have logged in to iEngage, fill out the Personal, Academic and Privacy questions. Under "Documents," upload a resume for our staff to review so that you can apply to jobs. By completing your profile, you will begin your journey of discovering your passions and applying them in real world experiences.

Off-Campus Employers
Creating an Account
To register for iEngage, click the button above. The registration process requires information about your organization and contact information. You may elect to have your contact information not visible to students if you wish. If you would like to create multiple contacts within your organization, email or call 509-527-5183. We recommend that you fill out your Employer Profile as much as possible to increase visibility.

Job Posting
When you create your account, you can click "Sign Up and Post Job" or, after you have created your account, under the "Jobs" tab, click "Job Postings" and then the "Post A Job" button at the bottom of the page.

On-Campus Employers
Creating an Account
If you have posted with the SEC before, we have created an account for you in iEngage. To get your password, submit your email using this form. Note that passwords in iEngage will be different and separate from your Whitman password. If you would like us to create an account for you, email or call extension 5183.

Job Posting
Under the "Jobs" tab, click "Job Postings" and then the "Post A Job" button at the bottom of the page. Once the form loads, select "On-Campus" for "Position Type," which will load the campus-specific job posting form. From there, follow the instructions in each field.

Posting an Internship
We've compiled an Internship Description Template to help you communicate the responsibilities for your position.