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How to Recruit at Whitman College

Whitman College is a small liberal arts institution in Walla Walla, Washington. All of our students receive bachelor of arts degrees in their respective degrees. To learn more about the academic offerings at our institution please check our majors and minors webpage.

We are excited that you are planning to recruit on our campus. There are many ways to engage Whitman students (Whitties) and the one we suggest to all employers is to utilize our jobs platform Handshake. It is the best way to get information in front of students and connect with them. Whitties are reminded often to check Handshake for any upcoming opportunities. 

Advertising Employer Opportunities

The CCEC is excited to support your recruitment at Whitman through facilitating and promoting on-campus recruitment events, answering inquiries about Whitman College, and connecting you with the campus through Handshake. While we are eager to support organizations, we do not provide promotional, forwarding, or marketing services for job, volunteer, or internship postings. The only exception to this is local community members offering yard work, childcare, and pet sitting opportunities to students which are not allowed on Handshake. After posting a position to Handshake, we highly encourage you to reach out to academic departments and or student organizations at Whitman College who may be interested.

Below you will find more information about how to recruit at Whitman and the steps to take!

  1. Create a Handshake Profile and Post Your Opportunities

Handshake is Whitman’s preferred platform for jobs, internships and opportunities. It is the best way to get your position in front of students. Creating a profile will automatically register you to receive information about job and internship fairs timelines. 

Here are some help articles from Handshake to help with any questions:

  1. Reach out to the CCEC at recruit@whitman.edu. Tell us about your organization, when you would like to visit Whitman College (date/time of program), and any other information we should know. We will help you set up a space on campus for your event.
  2. Prepare for your trip to Walla Walla, Washington! Walla Walla has many wonderful places to stay overnight if you are visiting for a recruitment event on our campus. Please check Visit Walla Walla to learn more about lodging in our beautiful community.
  1. Create a Handshake Profile and Post Your Opportunity

Handshake is Whitman’s preferred platform for jobs, internships and opportunities. It is the best way to get your position in front of students. Creating a profile will automatically register you to receive information about job and internship fairs timelines. 

Here are some help articles from Handshake to help with any questions:

  1. Create and Post Your Event

After you have created your profile and been approved at Whitman College, you can set up your virtual event and send it to Whitman College. You can learn more about creating an event HERE.

    3. Email the Communications Fellow (ccec_info@whitman.edu) to add the event to the weekly email from the CCEC to students.

If you're a local non-profit with a substantive, months-long project that you'd like a Whittie to undertake (and you have the time to supervise the student), check out the Community Fellow Program, where 10-12 Walla Walla Valley organizations apply to host a Whitman sophomore, junior or senior for an academic year to address social, cultural, or economic challenges. 

For non-profit organizations, public offices, and some for-profit businesses that might not be able to offer paid internships, the Whitman Internship Grant is a competitive grant that funds unpaid internships for students who submit strong applications, provided the opportunity meets certain educational criteria. Whitman Internship Grants are available for the academic year, fall or spring semesters and the summer.  The grant can fund a maximum of two Whitman interns per organization in a given time frame. If you would like to host a Whitman Internship Grant recipient, post your internship opening to Handshake.

Please note: We encourage organizations who are looking to host a Whitman Internship Grant recipient to post their openings for summer internships as early as January so that students can apply to the first deadline (if their grant proposal is rejected, a student can revise their applications and submit to the second and final deadline.) This document contains suggestions for information that an internship posting could include. Here is a reference sheet for employers with more details about the Whitman Internship Grant.

Parker Dewey Micro-Internships provide students from all majors with the opportunity to execute professional assignments to build and demonstrate skills while exploring a variety of career paths. Employers may use Micro-Internships to improve the effectiveness of hiring efforts or for some immediate help on projects and tasks that may not be the best use of your team’s time. In addition, by engaging these students earlier, you can help enhance your company’s pipeline for future interns and new hires.

Micro-Internships can include projects across all departments, including:

  • Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Operations and Support
  • Finance and Accounting

To learn more and post projects, visit Whitman's Parker Dewey website and create a profile to get started.

Whitman College has two job and internship fairs during the academic year. The fall fair is a great option for overall recruiting and connecting with students about your organization. This is also a great opportunity for organizations whose application deadlines are in the fall. Our spring job fair is specifically designed for upcoming summer opportunities. To register for these fairs, organizations must have a Handshake account because that is where registration and outreach for the fairs will take place.

2023-2024 Schedule

Fall Fair: October 18, 2023

Spring Fair: March 6, 2024

Other Resources

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